Tuesday, February 20, 2007

AI vs. Humans

Here... I read Google to rule the Earth,
and it states Google are trying to develop AI.

Hmm.. quite interesting is my first thoughts, would be cool having a thinking machine standing there 24/7 that never gets tired.. as in sleepy.

But what it it gets tired of doing work for us?
What if it's capable of lying?
What if we give it the power to build machines? What will it do?
What if it take over the factories and there computers, and develop new software, develop new hardware e.g. robots..?

Are we fucked then? I think so...

I just hope, if the times comes, that "they" don't care much about us (humans) as we are far less intelligent and weak, and leave us alone to our pitiful existence as it knows we wont survive for long anyway...

Scary thoughts...